Zachary Benge is a photographer currently based in Los Angeles, CA.

Zachary started taking pictures in high school and continued his education at Brooks Institute, graduating in 2008. While digital may be his main tool to photograph his subjects on wheels but still carries a film camera everywhere. He draws inspiration from his passion of exotic cars, beautiful people, remote landscapes, stellar sunsets, architecture, travel, action and adventure.

Clients: Mercedes-Benz AMG, Napalm, Inc., Music Express, Turtle Wax, RX8 Club, Polak Graphics, SVT Performance, Studio Hus, Auri Footwear, Angus M. Salons, Mondrian Hotel, Roaring Lion Energy Drink, Professional LaCrosse player Johnny Rodriguez, James Kenney Band, Bijoulette, Furlesque, The Steaz, Syrup Loft and The Gentleman’s Guide To Racing.

Featured: Mercedes-Benz Instagram, Ralph Lauren Magazine, My Life At Speed, Koronis Parts, Racing Beat, BoldRide, Jalopnik and Cool Hunting.